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Top 17 Best Yoga Mats (2020) From Expert Yogis

The goal of our review of the best yoga mats is to help you get value for your money, whether you’re a beginner or a professional yogi.

Our team of independent researchers researched the market like Amazon and other major shops to figure out trending mats and what’s working.

Afterwards, they consulted some professional yoga instructors and together they tested, carefully evaluated and recommended the best yoga mats we reviewed below.

They made sure that all yoga needs were covered in the best yoga mats list. They recommended what’s best for every yoga need.

They considered price, portability, stickiness, material, attractiveness, surface texture, ease of rolling, size, durability and odour in the selection of the best yoga mats.

At the end of the review, 17 top-rated yoga mats were recommended by reputable researchers and trusted yoga instructors.

And the winner is Gaiam Sol Dry-Grip Yoga Mat.

the best yoga mats

The reviewed best yoga mats are designed to help you get the best of your yoga practices.

And also tap into the many benefits of yoga which include increased energy, improved sex drive/libido, better mood and sleep, improved muscular strength, digestion & metabolism, etc.

After the meticulous review process, below is the list of the top picks from our researcher and yoga instructors:

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Best Yoga Mats Reviews & Buying Guide

#1 Best Overall Yoga Mats – Gaiam Sol Dry-Grip Yoga Mat

Gaiam Sol Dry-Grip Yoga Mat is ideal for hot yoga, Vinyasa, Bikram, Passionate and Intense Exercises.

the mat is lightweight, secure, slip-free and soft on the joints.

It is durable and comes with extra-thickness – about 5mm – for supplementary cushioning.

Made from PVC material, it is suitable for those with latex sensitivities.

It boasts of closed-cell construction which works to seal out germs, bacteria and odour.

Gaiam Sol Dry-Grip Yoga Mat for Hot Yoga and Heated Exercises

Gaiam sol dry-grip mat is amazing for hot yoga.

The mat develops stickiness when damp and provides better grip, the hotter your yoga gets.

The stay-dry coat wicks away moisture for greatest grip.

We recommend that you store your mat in a yoga mat bag – Pick one from our top 10 yoga mat bags.

Phthalates-free: The choice of Gaiam sol dry-grip yoga mat is a healthy choice. It is free from most harmful phthalates.

Do you worry if Gaim sol dry-grip mat works well for sweaty Bikram class without a towel?

If you need an all-in-one yoga option that works, Gaiam sol dry-grip mat is your best choice.

You can use the regular tea tree oil spray to clean your best yoga mat.

Pros Cons
  • Gaiam’s sol dry-grip yoga mat is lighter than Manduka. It’s also comfier and thicker than jade harmony
  • Absorbent surface, comfier and great grip
  • Awesome on knees for the camel.
  • Feels sturdy
  • Perfect for heated Vinyasa flow and Bikram yoga
  • Dense with great cushioning without destabilizing yoga poses
  • The yoga mat may fade and become brittle and unstable if you expose it to the sun for a long period. This may cause the layer to peel off.
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#2 Best Budget Yoga Mats – BalanceFrom Go Yoga All-Purpose Mat

BalanceFrom Go Yoga mat boasts of double-sided non-slip surfaces – an excellent slip-resistant property.

This prevents injuries and keeps your balance during yoga/exercise.

The mat is lightweight and comes with easy strapping for easy storage and transport.

Its moisture resistant technology makes the mat easy to wash with water and soap.

It’s 71″ long 24″ width – this ensures comfortable yoga and exercise for everyone, no matter your shape or size.

BalanceFrom Go Yoga All Purpose Anti-tear yoga mat

BalanceFrom Go yoga mat is affordable with high-density premium foam which cushions your knees, spine, elbows, hips, etc on hard floors.

The mat is perfect for anyone who wants to do meditation, Hatha yoga, weight lifting, hot yoga and Bikram yoga.

It is easy to clean.

The moisture-resistant technology coupled with its quality material makes it easy to clean with water and soap.

You will get a clean adjustable strap when you buy this mat.

The loops have a Velcro ends for easy and better folding.

Best Combo Package

This mat comes with the best yoga/exercise combination ever. You get

  • 3 pairs of dumbbells in 3-pounds, 5- pounds & 8-pounds – ideal for resistance and any form of strength training
  • Resistance Loop, exercise bands with exercise cards
  • A carrying bag plus a set of 7 bands with XX-Heavy and XX-light
  • Adjustable ankle wrist arm leg weights in different pairs
  • A jump rope with anti-slip aluminium
  • Handles and PVC coated steel wire
  • High-speed rope for boxing, workout, MMA fitness
  • Straps – 2 yoga blocks, yoga strap and yoga knee pad, yoga mat towel, and yoga hand towel

There is no doubt that you can use your affordable best yoga mat for workouts and exercises.

Pros Cons
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Extra thickness for better cushion
  • Amazing non-slip traction and cushion
  • Free carrying strap
  • Easy to fold, comfy, durable and stable
  • Amazing combos
  • Affordable
  • The mat may move and squeak during yoga/exercise session
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#3 Best Cushioned Yoga Mats – Heavy Duty – Manduka PRO Yoga Mat

An ultra-dense and a roomy grip yoga mat with unparallel comfort and cushioning.

Manduka Pro yoga mat is designed to support intense performance and durability.

The manufacturer of Manduka PRO yoga mat promised that it would last a lifetime.

While several views are pointing to the durability of the Pro yoga mat, nothing lasts a lifetime.

Manduka Pro Mat

They promised that this yoga mat will never peel, flake or fade for life. This is a strong promise.

The durability of the Manduka Pro yoga mat reduces the number of PVC yoga mats that end up in the landfills yearly.

This yoga mat is OEKO-TEK-certified safe for human use.

The yoga mat exceeds the industry standard at 6mm.

Its high-density cushion protects your joints and provides a stable surface for your yoga practice.

This much-vaunted yoga mat has amazing performance grip. This means that its grips will get better with use.

The closed-cell surface prevents sweat, dirt and bacteria from absorbing into the mat’s core and surface. This makes cleaning of the mat a walkover.

Manduka Pro Yoga mat is latex-free, non-toxic, emissions-free.

To store Manduka pro yoga mat, roll it with the top side, that’s the fabric finish facing outwards.

The folding method helps to preserve the corners when practising.

Breaking in – The Manduka mat gets better with use.

The mat’s surface texture improves with more and more yoga practice.

Cleaning Mat: To keep your mat clean always, follow the best practice.

This is wiping it down after every yoga practice with Manduka All-purpose Mat Wash.

The Manduka all-purpose mat wash helps to keep your mat clean without damaging the surface or causing any form of slippage.

Caution: Never you soak your mat, shower or submerge it in any liquid.

  • Amazing colour pattern reminding nature lovers of the ocean
  • Great padding with 6mm for perfect protection
  • Performance grip finish
  • Closed-cell surface
  • Heavy-duty and stable
  • Great length
  • Looks and feels tough
  • Ultra-dense cushioning
  • Promise never to peel, flake or fade
  • Non-toxic and OEKO-TEX certified
  • The mat is slippery with sweat
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#4 Best Yoga Mats For Hot Yoga – Yoga Design Lab Combo Yoga Mat (with 23 Designs)

Yoga Design Lab Combo yoga mat will make your crucial hot yoga companion.

The all-in-one mat is made to reduce slippage and injuries.

The yoga mat boasts of a towel-like texture with no movement or bunching.

You will not experience obstruction of slipping in your exercise and standing yoga posture.

Its anti-slip technology will help you to focus on amazing hot yoga practice. As always, the more you sweat, the better the grip.

The 3.5mm cushion will support your back, spine, knees and joints and make your hot yoga poses comfy.

Yoga Design Lab yoga mat boasts of absorbent and luxurious suede microfiber.

This tiny fibre provides you with a sweaty grip of yoga towel and yoga mat support.

Ideal for beginners, kids, intermediate, advanced yogis.

The yoga mat is ideal for Vinyasa, Ashtanga, hot yoga, Hatha, prenatal, acro, Iyengar, Jivamukti, Bikram.

It’s also good for power & fitness programmes like Barre, HIIT, general exercise, Pilates, Crossfit, Zumba, restorative yoga, etc.

It comes with an ideal size for all body types.

Cleaning the mat is easy with an organic mat spray and towel or with a deeper wash by tossing it in the washing machine.

If you must wash in a machine, do not add bleach.

Afterwards, hand-dry. And do dry in a dryer.

If you’re in a haste and wish to dry your mat quickly, wrap your mat in a towel and squeeze out extra water.

Pros Cons
  • Durable carrying strap with a sling
  • Portable, foldable, lightweight and flexible
  • Non-fade patterned prints/colours
  • Eliminates towel bunching
  • Reversible
  • Stable, comfy cushion plus responsive grip
  • No toxic smell – no odour
  • A little slippage with excessive use. Slipping will make you focus attention to your muscle rather than stabilizing yourself.
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#5 Best Extra Large – Gorilla Premium Extra Large Yoga Mat

Gorilla Extra Large Mat is unavailable. Buy Bestselling Alternative Extra Large

The Gorilla’s premium extra large yoga mat is a non-toxic, non-slip, extra thick, comfortable and barefoot exercise mat.

This mat is perfect for an on-the-spot studio in any of your room

Create that amazing room for super yoga exercise in any of your room.

Unroll your mat to transform your home into a gym or home studio.

The mat is large for stretches, meditation, light cardio workout, yoga pose, barefoot bodyweight exercise, etc.

Do you have a room you can turn into your wellness oasis but sore knees, restrictive and small mats do not permit you?

The best extra large yoga mat has an extra layer of thickness and is ultra-comfortable.

This mat is a great balance of stable support and soft comfort. It boasts 8mm high density, double-thick padding with lots of cushion for protection of your joints and knees.

You can use this mat on a concrete floor, hardwood floors or even on tiles.

It’s ideal for use in any flooring and room, inclusive of basement, living room carpets and garage.

Here is a remarkable, large, luxurious, comfortable mat for any of your favourite yoga position.

You will experience the freedom of working out on a premium yoga mat large enough for any exercise purpose.

One of the high points of Gorilla’s premium extra large yoga mat is its double-sided performance design.

Premium Extra Large Yoga Mat

This mat is sticky, nonslip and textured with a great circle-patterned unique grip that prevents sliding.

Its designed from eco-friendly, premium & non-toxic material with no latex, smell or odour.

It comes with a complete microfiber towel for moisture regulation.

And two velcro straps to keep your mat rolled up for easy storage.

Perfect gift for everyone. Give this mat as a gift to yoga lovers, yoga teachers, men and women; anyone who loves stretching and doing home fitness workouts.

Pros Cons
  • Perfect for barefoot exercise
  • Extra-large and comfortable
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Perfect floor cover and a workout mat
  • Amazing non-grip surface with enough padding
  • Rocks yoga classes
  • Quality product
  • One of our researchers observed rubbing off and falling off of pieces from the mat. Other yoga experts who investigated & tested this mat found otherwise. Upon thorough review, the mat was great. The reason for the falling off of pieces is because the yogi used a tennis shoe on the mat.
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#6 Best Eco-friendly – Jade Harmony Yoga Mat

The Jade Harmony yoga mat is everything you want to see in an amazing & sustainable yoga mat.

Jade believes in helping yogis find peace with their inner nature through amazing yoga tools. Jade Harmony yoga mat is one of its promises.

Jade eco-friendly yoga mat boasts of great comfort, amazing colours and incredible grip.

It boasts of an advanced level of traction coming from its 3/16 thick mat.

Jade Yoga Harmony Mat

Thus provides great traction, cushion, stability for standing poses. This mat is ideal for every kind of yoga occasion and going-on at any level.

The yoga mat came from natural rubber. This material helps to provide a stronger grip with better cushion. It also supports your yoga poses by keeping you stable.

The yoga mat is of high quality to enhance remarkable performance and durable products.

Pros Cons
  • Used natural rubber from rubber trees
  • No PVC or synthetic materials
  • Made sustainable resources
  • Incredible quality
  • Durable
  • Non-slip tech
  • The rubber could come off in specks under extreme weather conditions
  • Perceive smells of rubber
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#7 Best For Travel – Jade Travel Yoga Mat

Compared with regular mats, Jade travel yoga mat is lighter and rolls much faster and tighter.

If you compare it with other brands, you will discover that it is stickier, longer and lighter.

Jade travel yoga mat comes made with natural rubber. This provides superior traction – stronger grip.

It boasts of more cushion compared with TPE, EVA, PVC, PER and any other synthetic rubber.

Chosen as the overall best yoga mat for travel, it is an amazing yogis on-the-go mat.

You can fold it up in your tote bag, backpack or carry-on; thus, allowing you to practice your yoga anywhere.

If you think of the best travel yoga mat, think of Jade travel yoga mat.

It is a combination of great colours, incredible grip, support & comfort from sustainable materials.

Pros Cons
  • Best on-the-go travel yoga mat
  • Great contact with the ground providing stability and support for standing poses
  • Easy to fold up
  • Durable, best grip, texture and support
  • No PVC or synthetic materials
  • Earth-friendly
  • Odourless
  • Easy to clean with soap wash
  • Owing to its thinness, the mat did not provide great cushion compared with other mats
  • Could be pliable with use
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#8 Best Design/Beginner Mats – Gaiam Premium Print Yoga Mat (40 plus Designs)

Best yoga mat with the most remarkable designs.

This mat boasts of a list of designs and prints that will help you express your inner yogi, from the sundial, mandala, etc.

Gaiam’s Premium print yoga mat boasts of stable, sticky, non-slip 5 or 6mm cushion yoga mat surface.

It is designed for either home or studio practice.

It provides you with safety and comfort required for the right alignment and stable poses.

It affords you the proper cushion for your joints protection.

Gaiam premium print yoga mat is free of the top six most harmful phthalates. It is a healthy choice for your yoga practice.

The best design yoga mat is durable but lightweight. It comes with extra-thickness for better cushioning of your joints during fitness or yoga routine.

Gaiam Premium Print Yoga Mat

The textured sticky non-slip surface provides great traction & superior grip & a stylish design motivation and focus.

Bonus – if you buy this yoga mat, you will also get a free downloadable yoga workout to get you started.

Pros Cons
  • Stable and sticky
  • Non-slip and great traction with good cushion protecting your joints
  • Great support and comfort for proper alignment
  • Free of top six most dangerous phthalates
  • The yoga mat may release a harmless odour when you first unwrap it. What to do is: unroll and air out your mat for 2 – 3 days before you use it.
  • Could slip. To get rid of it, wash with Dr Bronner’s soap, rinse it, wash it with vinegar, and rinse it again.
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#9 Liforme Yoga Mat: Best Mat With Unique Alignment

If you are looking for the best yoga mat for proper alignment, Liforme yoga mat is a good pick.

This yoga mat comes with an original and unique AlignForMe system of practical alignment.

It’s designed to guide yogis of all shapes and sizes and help them to practice better alignment.

It provides yogis with wider and longer space and great balance for stability and comfortable cushioning.

The exacting standard of this mat helps you to improve your yoga techniques.

Because it works as a navigational tool for your yoga asana practice, serving as a foundation for your workout.

A good feature of a commendable yoga mat is the traction and grip it provides to prevent your hand from slipping.

Slipping during yoga practice would make your practice dangerous, frustrating and futile.

Liforme Yoga Mat

The ground-breaking GripForMe provides you with remarkable warrior-like grip from the non-slip mat. You get even gripper surface with sweats.

Liforme yoga mat comes from eco-friendly materials and processes.

It is PVC-free, biodegradable between one to five years in normal landfill conditions.

The best yoga mat with a unique alignment marker system comes from high-quality non-toxic materials.

The heat-bonding manufacturing process eliminates the need for toxic glues to bind the mats top layer to the base.

Thus, this process keeps your mat healthy, clean and hygienic.

Liforme yoga mat is few inches wider and longer than your regular yoga mats.

This size feature makes it accessible to Kylie-sized to Michael Jordan-sized yogis.

The mat provides you with space you crave with perfect balance between comfy cushioning and firm stability.

The natural rubber used as cushion provides you with a deep supportive, stable and solid surface.

This will protect your knees, hips and joints during yoga practice.

Bonus: When you buy your Liforme yoga mat, you get an extra bag for the storage and protection of your mat.

Pros Cons
  • Amazing grip both at the bottom and top
  • A supportive alignment marker system
  • Thick mat from a quality and durable material
  • Eco-friendly
  • Extra carrying bag
  • Wonderful length and size
  • Expensive
  • May lose grip with sweaty excessive yoga practice
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#10 Best Grip – Jade Harmony Yoga Mat

The reason for the demonstration of the great B.K.S Iyengar, the problem with most yoga mats is still much with yogis.

The slippage of yoga mats is one of great concern. Slipping while practising yoga is annoying and could lead to injury.

This is the reason for the invention of yoga mats with grips. Jade’s promise of natural and high-quality products birthed the Jade harmony yoga mat with the greatest grip.

Jade yoga mat is all-natural, comfortable and non-slip.

Jade Harmoney Yoga mat

It offers a superior level of traction. Jade produced best grip mat with natural rubber for stronger grip and better cushion compared with synthetic rubbers.

Jade best grip yoga mat is suitable for any occasion, level and activity.

The mat is 3/16” thick, 24” wide – the regular width providing great stability, cushion and traction for standing and balancing poses.

Weighing about 4.3 to 4.5 pounds, Jade yoga mat has open-cell surface and comes with varying colours.

It is ideal for Hatha, Vinyasa, Hot yoga, Bikram, Iyengar and many other practices.

Pros Cons
  • No PVC or synthetic materials
  • Comes from sustainable materials – natural rubber from trees
  • Great traction – provides incredible grip and durability
  • Comfortable and Non-slip
  • Better cushion providing comfort in your kneeling, sitting, standing or table poses
  • Rubber smell – this could disappear washing and airing
  • Mat could flake
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#11 Best Reversible: Manduka eQua Machine Washable Hot Yoga mat

Manduka yoga mat comes from simple, enduring and natural materials.

Made from biodegradable natural rubber with no toxic foaming agent and non-AZO dyes, the Manduka eQua Superlite yoga mat is 99% latex. It is 68” x 24,” 4mm thick weighing 4.5 pounds

Its natural rubber at the base provides traction and support to prevent slippage during yoga exercise.

Manduka eQua Machine Washable Hot Yoga Mat

The eQua towel microfiber of the top layer provides a moisture-activated grip.

When not in hot yoga exercise, flip to the other side of eQua Superlite mat for wonderful grip and support for your sensitive joints.

Cleaning your mat – you may use the Manduka Mat’s Restore spray which is a vinegar-based solution for cleaning your yoga mat.

Pros Cons
  • Reputed for moisture-activated grip
  • Provides great comfort and stability during poses
  • Ideal for hot yoga classes, Bikram, etc.
  • Thick, comfy and Durable
  • Built by yoga teachers for their students
  • Mat is only 68 inches – not suitable for extremely tall yogis
  • Rubber smell which could go away with washing and drying
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#12 Most Innovative – Women’s Health Backslash Fit Smart Yoga Mat

The Backslash fit smart yoga mat helps you to do away with frustrating bunching and curling during your yoga exercises

This yoga mat is reputed for smartness. Backslash fit yoga mat pairs with women’s health yoga on Amazon Alexa which is included in your mat.

The most innovative yoga mat boasts of self-rolling capability.

This helps you to remain cool as you pack your mat. At the end of your yoga session, all you need to do is to flip over your mat and click. It will simply roll.

Using this fit and smart yoga mat will keep you motivated throughout your yoga practice.

The bonus yoga routines powered by Women’s Health which you will hear through your smart speaker will keep you motivated and focused.

The stylish, comfy and soft mat is 5mm thick. It provides enough cloud-like cushioning for your joints – knees, wrists and elbows.

Backslash Fit Smart Yoga Mat

The stylish roll-up technology gets your mat rolled up and stands on its own. You’ll never experience messy storage with this mat.

It is also grippy and silky. The texture is amazing.

The smooth top layer technology helps to improve the mat’s grip as you sweat. The base of the mat will grip the floor thereby putting to stop sliding and slipping.

The mat is eco-friendly and designed for sustainability. It’s safe for you and the environment. It is latex-free, PVC-free

Women’s Health Backslash Fit Smart Yoga Mat is roomy enough for your body and in all your yoga practices. It is 24 x 72 inches, 4 inches longer than you conventional mat.

Pros Cons
  • Stylish with roll technology
  • Comfy, soft and silky
  • Thick with good cushion protecting your joints
  • Good traction with great grip – prevents frustrating bunching and curling during yoga practice
  • Pairs with women’s health yoga on Amazon Alexa
  • Eco-friendly – no PVC; no latex
  • It’s too sticky not to pick things underneath
  • Could be noisy going down the floor
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#13 The Best Kids Yoga Mats – Gaiam Kids Yoga Mat

Why your child needs a yoga mat

Yoga exercise makes the body healthy. It teaches balance, calmness and concentration even in the crisis of life. Children also need the opportunity that yoga can offer.

So let the children learn the art of yoga. Help them to shake out the wiggles and work out the bones.

Let them become their superheroes.

Teach them how to roll out the mat and exercise doing yoga, balancing, stretching.

kids yoga mat

Let them have a quiet time and playtime on their yoga mats. It helps to instil in them courage, self-respect and inspiration.

Yoga benefits and fosters children’s mental, physical, emotional and social development.

Yoga is a good outlet for the boys and girls to learn & channel their emotions and focus through wellness, exercises and playtime opportunities.

What’s the best yoga mat for kids?

The Gaiam kids yoga mat is the best yoga mat for kids, children, toddlers, etc. It is ideal for kids ages 5 to 8.

It is also ideal for any floor or mat-based exercises or activities such as playtime, quiet time, stretching, balance and yoga.

It provides an opportunity to teach children healthy body image, calm and concentration.

gaiam kids yoga mat

It is 60”L x 24”W and 3mm thick. It comes with a textured non-slip surface. It is sticky with light tack, providing a secure and safe grip for boys and girls on the mat.

The mat is healthy and safe for kid’s use – they are made of PVC material that is safe for children and the environment.

The yoga mat is non-toxic. It’s also 6P-free – free from phthalates

It comes with a bonus – a downloadable yoga class specifically designed for kids. This will help to get your kids started on everything yoga.

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#14 The Best Yoga Mats For Beginners – Gaiam Yoga Mat Premium Print Reversible

The Gaiam premium yoga mat comes with arrays of amazing designs and prints that help you express your inner yogi.

This mat provides a sticky, non-slip and stable surface for your yoga practice.

Thus, this helps to enhance safety and comfort you desire for proper alignment. The mat is ideal for studio and homes use.

Gaiam Premium Print Reversible Yoga Mat

The best for beginner mat is 8” long, 24” wide and 6mm thick. It features textured reversible designs, sticky non-slip for greatest traction and superior grip.

In the arrays of designs, you will get design options that will suit your mode and keep you focused and motivated.

The extra thickness of this durable and lightweight yoga mat provides a cushion for your joints during your yoga routine.

It is non-toxic and free of the top six toxic harmful phthalates.

The Gaiam yoga mat premium print reversible is healthy for you and the environment. This means that you are free from DEHP, DBP, BBP, DINP, DIDP as well as DNOP.

CAUTION – If you buy this yoga mat, note that the printed mats may release a harmless odour when you first unwrap it.

What you should do is to unwrap the mat once it arrives and air it out for 2 to 3 days before you start using it.

Pros Cons
  • Extra thickness for better cushion
  • Non-toxic and 6P-free
  • Ideal for both home and studio use
  • Reversible designs, textured, sticky and non-slip
  • Thicker than average mats
  • Great design and quality
  • Perfect for beginners and intermediate yogis
  • The weird smell when you first unwrap it
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#15 The Best Yoga Mats For Men – B Mat Strong Yoga Mat

The B Mat yoga mat is most suited for men, though women could use it as well. It is a premier yoga mat for performance, comfort and modern design.

The B Mat yoga mat is ultra-grippy. It will keep you grounded in your yoga practice, even when you’re sweaty.

This mat comes from an open-celled material – rubber.

B Mat Strong Yoga Mat

The open cell technology provides unparallel grip, keeps your sweat on the check and limit slippage.

The ingredients of this mat withstand sweat, heat, butt-kicking Vinyasa flow.

What’s required of you is to clean your mat after use and to store it the right way. To prolong its durability, avoid exposing it to sunlight.

The B Mat yoga mat is sustainable.

Pros Cons
  • Cushy but firm.
  • Grippy
  • Amazing colours
  • Ideal for high-intensity workouts
  • Suitable for all types of yoga
  • Dense padding, comfy and slip-resistant
  • Won’t lay flat
  • Easy to stain
  • Could peel off if store in a harsh environment
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#16 The Best Mats For Restorative Yoga – Sivan Health and Fitness Yoga Mat

The Sivan Health/Fitness yoga mat is 71” long and 24” wide.

The mat is 1/2” ultra-thick with specialised memory foam and a ribbed surface on one side and smooth surface on the other side.

The surface is non-slip aimed to help prevent injuries.

It is thick enough to shield your knees and joints from injuries while allowing balance arising from a perfect grip on the floor.

The non-skid ridges of the mat will make sure that you do not slip during yoga poses.

The Sivan yoga mat comes with an integrated carry strap.

It provides balance and support with durable foam yoga blocks and deepens your stretch with 6.5ft yoga strap.

This mat is not complete with the yoga towels which comes with a microfiber technology.

The yoga towel has quality absorption that enhances slip-resistance and sweat-free workouts.

It is super ideal for restorative yoga, Pilates, stretching and toning workouts.

It’s also ideal for people of all sizes and shapes.

Pros Cons
  • Perfect for restorative yoga, Ashtanga, Hatha and hot yoga.
  • For beginners and pain relief
  • Reputed for high absorbency and sturdiness
  • Good for Ashtanga Yoga
  • Narrower than a regular mat
  • The blocks are small and squishy
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#17 The Best Yoga Mats For Bad Leg – Jade Fusion Yoga Mat

The Jade Fusion yoga mat is everything you desire for a bad leg and restorative yoga.

It comes with cool colours, amazing grip and great comfort.

The great mat for bad leg is reputed for greatest grip. Jade fusion provides a superior level of traction.

The natural rubber used for the production of Jade Fusion provides a superior level of traction.

It also provides better grip and cushion compared to synthetic rubbers such as PER, TPE, EVA, PVC.

The Fusion mat comes extra thick. It is ideal for restorative yoga, Pilates, core fitness and CrossFit.

A 5/16” thick yoga mat provides extra cushion for greatest comfort during yoga poses.

It’s between 6.5 to 7.1 pounds and comes with two lengths – 74” and 68”. Jade Fusion comes with an open-cell surface.

The raw material for the production of Jade Fusion is a tree. The Fusion mat is sustainable and supports friendliness with the environment.

Jade Fusion yoga mat offers superior quality. This comes from the prime production materials which enhance outstanding performance and durability.

The open-cell surface of the Jade Fusion provides optimum grip.

This mat is the thickest and it’s ideal for those who need extra cushioning for their joints and those who practice vigorous yoga poses.

Pros Cons
  • Incredible grip/stickiness and durability
  • No PVC or synthetic materials
  • Comes from sustainable materials – natural rubber from trees
  • Heavy duty
  • Very sturdy
  • Enough cushion
  • Good for home and temperature practice
  • Great softness but has a texture of metal file
  • Smell
  • Not suited for yoga studio or hot yoga
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Which of the Best Yoga Mats Is Good for You?

Yoga exercise is one of the perfect exercises you should be doing

There are 17 of the best yoga mats reviewed and each one serves a particular purpose.

Which of them is most suitable for you?

As you must have discovered, yoga mats for beginners are not suitable for professional yogis. A yoga mat for men may not be most suitable for women.

The best yoga mats for a bad knee is only made for that purpose. The question should be what type of mat do you need?

Take a look at the purpose for which each yoga mat was designed as a guide to picking your top mat. Do you want the best yoga mat for hot yoga, Vinyasa, Bikram, passionate or intense exercises?

Below is the list of the best yoga mats to help you make the best choice of the mats.

The above list is design to help you pick the best yoga mats for any of your yoga purposes. Kindly make your informed choice.

Which of the best yoga mats do you prefer for your yoga exercise?

If you like this reviewed list, kindly share this post. You may wish to us comment below.

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