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Hey! Welcome To Millennials Wellness.

I’m Valentine Chukwu. The mission of my blog is to provide you with insights, strategies, guides and tips on how you can take complete control of your health and life.

About Millennials Wellness

The Millennial is known to be the most health-conscious generation; yet, they are faced with even graver health challenges. It’s disturbing to note that they seem consciously unaware (or it appears so) of most of these health issues which are deadly even at the pre-clinical stage.

I, with my team, intend to focus on throwing lights and giving insights into those health challenges; but, importantly, providing actionable guides, tips and reviews of proven solutions where necessary to help you assume the full ownership of your health, set wellness goals, achieve them, evaluate and reward yourself in your journey towards a stronger, happier, healthier and balanced life.

Who Is Valentine?millennials wellness

I’m a water bearer. I symbolise freshness, progress, openness and friendship. I’m an idealist, a dreamer and a forester. I love and write fiction, poetry and contents. I play football with the same passion with which I write and eat. Orchid is my flower, with its beautiful colour and fragrance. Believe me, you will love the fertility and spirit of innovation it brings. Above all, I’m your friend. Welcome to my blog.

Why Am I here?

Wellness is my core. I want to help you push beyond the boundaries of good health, amazing family and physical fitness. I, with my team, will share and promote activities, ideologies, detail guides and products that will help you create strong energy, happiness and a balanced life. We are keen on helping you live a long, healthy and happy life in the most convenient, easy and affordable manner.

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