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Vega One Protein Review (Tested 2020) – Vega One Vs Shakeology

Vega One Protein

Vega One Protein is a high-quality meal replacement shake that offers you remarkable potent nutrition and quality protein.

It is often the best pick for anyone who loves meal replacement shakes.

It’s also a favourite choice for those seeking improvement in weight management, clean eating, strength training and nourishment from low-calorie meals.

Vega One protein is 100% plant protein with high fibre contents from tons of superfoods.

It comes with 2 billion probiotic bacteria, whole food ingredients and 50+% of the RDI range of vitamins. It is gluten-free, Vegan Certified and there is nothing GMO /artificial.

Many people believe that Vega One All-In-One Vegan Protein Powder is a great alternative to Shakeology.

Thus, our independent researchers went out to research, test and review this vegan protein powder and compared it with Shakeology to see where the difference lies and which is better.

Before we proceed, watch this video for a quick view of what makes the Vegan One Protein meal replacement shake a good option.

After this quick video, read on or simply check our table of contents to jump to the comparison between Vega One and Shakeology.

[one_third_first][/one_third_first][two_third_last]Vega One All-In-One Nutritional Shake

The Vega meal replacement delivers premium plant-based quality protein with an amazing macro profile. It provides you with 25 per cent of daily fibre, 1.5 grams of omega-3 fatty acids, probiotics, antioxidants & more.

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Vega One Protein Review

Vega one protein is designed to help you destroy pounds and replace high-calorie meals.

It is a low-calorie shake manufactured to limit the number of calories you consume per day.

Thus, this helps you to adopt healthy and smart living and develop the fitness and amazing figure you cherish.

It is designed for many people of different shapes and sizes and different purposes. There are many meals plans you can explore to enjoy this amazing nutritional shake.

vega one protein

This Vegan protein nutritional shake is for senior citizens, students, mothers, on-the-go people and it affords the convenience of adding water or another beverage to make your protein shakes faster.

This plant-based nutritional shake is designed for the following people:

  1. Mum and those who need on-the-go quick meals
  2. Anyone who desires to engage in or kick-start clean-eating meals for those who are into fitness as Vega One is the best meal replacement for strength and endurance training plans
  3. Weight management meals – This is designed for those who are into weight loss and associated weight management needs

The Vegan plant-based meal replacement comes in the form of a powder which when added to liquid gives you an instant meal or nutritional shake.

It contains lots of proteins, amino acids, minerals and vitamins. It also comes in varying flavours which include Vegan One French Vanilla, Vega One Coconut Almond, Vega One Chocolate, Vega One Natural, etc.

vega one protein shake

People often ask us if the meal replacement is the non-GMO project verified.

Vega One is verified by the Non-GMO Project. It is gluten-free having undergone a strict testing protocol to ensure it’s less than 20ppm gluten.

It is certified by the Vega action to be manufactured without any form of animal ingredients which may include eggs, honey and dairy.

It is a complete real plant-based protein nutrition for everyone.

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What Are the Vega One Benefits?

Have you heard of that slogan, that if you are not shaking Vega protein nutritional shake, you are yet to begin?

This slogan is as true as a bright new morning. There are also many flavours you can choose and relish a healthy meal replacement.

Beyond the above, Vega One is completely soy-free, dairy-free, gluten-free – this means that you will not have any digestive problems upon consuming it.

Vega protein nutrition has no artificial sweeteners, colours, flavours. This places your health in complete control since there is nothing that will jeopardise your health in any form.

If you choose to buy and use this amazing meal replacement shake, you are guaranteed an adequate quantity of fibre and antioxidants for your healthy living.

Digestive enzymes are countless in the protein nutritional shake. These enzymes help in breaking down nutrients so that your body can absorb them faster and in the right amount.

Vega One Nutritional Facts

Vega One is a nutritional shake serving its purpose most remarkably. Anyone who has used it has something positive to say.

We must note that technically, some reviewers complain that the actual amount of ingredients is not stated.

This is understandable since no product exists without limitation especially one that is publicly consumed.

Vega One Premium protein, Veggies and Greens

Part of the ingredients used in making Vega One is 20 grams of plant-based protein from a complete multisource blend made from pea protein, flaxseed, hemp protein and sacha inchi protein.

In the same vein, each green serving has ingredients such as organic broccoli and organic kale to give This vegan nutritional shake its vibrant green hue.

vega one nutritional shakevega one nutritional facts

Vitamins, Minerals and Fibre

Every scoop of Vega One has about 50 per cent of the  Daily Value of 12 vitamins and minerals made from real plant-based food ingredients.

In the same vein, 6 grams of fibre from ingredients like organic acacia gum and flax combine to provide you with at least 24 per cent of Daily Value (DV).

Antioxidant Vitamins A, C, E, Omega-3 ALA and Probiotics

Every serving of Vega One has 50% DV antioxidant vitamin E, 70% antioxidant Vitamin C and 90% DV antioxidant vitamin A.

In the case of the Omega-3, the Vega nutritional shake has close to 1.5 grams of essential fats – Omega-3 ALA from chia, flax and hemp ingredients.

Another great ingredient of Vega One is its constituent of 1 billion CFY shelf-stable probiotics bacillus coagulants providing you with Bacillus Coagulans Health Benefits.

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Vega One Ingredients & Protein Quality

To begin with, Vega One offers 20 grams of protein but what type of protein was it made from?

Read the following to better understand the source of protein you consume in this plant-based protein shake. See benefits below:

Pea Protein

This protein is derived from extracting soluble protein from yellow split peas and drying it to a desirable powder.

This is where, in part, the weight loss characteristics of this Vegan protein nutrition is rooted.

In fact, this protein is promoted as a weight loss product designed to help suppress appetite, control blood sugar and increase metabolism.

It’s amazing to discover in research conducted in Canada that protein pea has lots of benefits on kidney disease and protein pea benefits on blood pressure.


This is praised for its source of plant-based Omega-3 fatty acids. It is known to contain 1.8 grams of omega-3 per tablespoon of the meal.

Flaxseed has antioxidant properties which come from its lignin content. Flaxseed health benefits include its ability to control glucose and blood pressure.

Pea Starch

The Pea starch comes from yellow peas which contain 40% of starch. Its powder is formed from the extraction of this starch which is neutral in taste. It is also gluten-free, non-allergic and white.

Hemp Protein

Hemp is one of the best rich sources of protein. It contains about 20 amino acids and 9 essential amino acids which the body doesn’t generate – these 9 essential amino acids come from the diet.

Sacha Inchi Protein

This protein comes from Sacha Inchi nut which is popularly known as Inca Peanut.

The Sacha inchi plant – Plukenetia Volubilis – is a vine that grew in the rainforests on the Peru highlands.

The star-shaped pod from this vine has the seeds from which this protein come.

The seeds are a rich source of protein and have high levels of omega-3, 6 and 9 fatty acids, plus vitamin A and dietary fibre. They have a low allergic effect, if at all and thus are most unlikely to irritate the stomach lining.

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Vega One vs Shakeology

We have been asked lots of times: how does Vega One compare to Shakeology?

our honest answer is contained in this detailed Vega One vs Shakeology Review below. Check our opinion on the questions above.


Vega One Protein Powder

  • Tubs of Vega One includes an inner vented seal, the holes are characteristic of the inner seal
  • All-in-one plant-based protein powder made from real, whole-food ingredients
  • 20g of premium, plant-based protein from pea, hemp, Savvied, and flax for a complete amino acid profile

  • 50% daily intake of vitamins and minerals from broccoli, kale, spirulina, strawberries, and more
  • 25% daily fibre, 1.5 Grams omega-3s, probiotics, and antioxidants
  • Non-Gmo project verified, vegan certified, low-glycemic, gluten-free, and made without dairy or soy ingredients
  • 100% plant protein- Vega One delivers a powerful protein much better than any dairy product. It is perfect for those with sensitive stomachs, dairy sensitivities and outright intolerance.
  • Sometimes and for some people, Vega One could act as a ”Cleanse” to detox your body.
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  • Shakeology contains 17 grams of protein and varies between 140 to 160 calories per 36-gram serving.
  • The shake comes with a blend of proteins including whey and pea protein along with vitamins, herbs, antioxidants, probiotics and digestive enzymes.
  • Its “Super-Fruit” and “Super-Green” blends contain vegetable powders like kale, chlorella, goji berry and pomegranate.

  • Dieters use Shakeology as a meal replacement drink but the company cautions dieters that replacing one meal with Shakeology is okay, but it shouldn’t be used to replace more than one meal regularly.
  • Instead, the company advises Shakeology consumers to use it as an addition to a healthy meal or as a convenient snack.
  • 3-Day Refresh is the Healthier Alternative to Liquid Fasts
  • Specially formulated shakes and digestive drinks for 3-day results
  • Easy-to-prepare clean meals and snacks to help you lose a few pounds fast
  • Helps you kick start better nutrition habits
  • Comes in 7 different options so you can choose your favourite Shakeology flavour
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Vega One Protein vs Shakeology: Which One Is Better?

  • Ingredients and Superfood Winner: Vega One Protein comes with antioxidants, probiotics and other digestive enzymes that benefit you. You will also enjoy the benefits of omega-3’s, maca root, kale, broccoli, chlorella, spinach, alfalfa and lots more.
  • Remember that Shakeology has similar ingredients such as rice protein, pea protein, savi seed protein and many assorted superfoods such as goji berries, maca, etc.
  • But, Vega One packs more than Shakeology. Besides, Shakeology markets more exotic superfoods key content of the shake.
  • Protein Content (Major Difference): Vega One Protein packs slightly more protein per servings at 20g to Shakeology’s 17g.
  • MSM: Shakeology has more MSM which is supposed to promote muscle and joint pain relief. This is good but it’s not really a major criterion for an amazing supplement. And may not be a good mix for a protein powder. Or what do you think?
  • Sugar Content: Vega One Protein has only 1g of sugar while Shakeology has 9g. Vega One bags a major win here. Excess sugar in a protein powder is not the best and could ruin your weight loss efforts.
  • Salt Content: Vega One has 30mg of salt while Shakeology has 150mg. The salt quantity is the best highest found in protein powder. The lower the salt content the better the protein powder.
  • Price: Vega One Protein may appear expensive, but Shakeology costs more per serving. Vega One averages $2.65 per serving while Shakeology is about or over $4 per serving. This is based on a 44 gram serving of each.
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Vega One Weight Loss

Do you know that you shed some pounds with vega one for weight loss?

Vega One all-in-one nutritional shake is a low-calorific meal supplement.

What Does The Company Say:

When asked: Can Vega One be used for weight loss? The response is simple: ‘If you’re trying to lose weight, consult your health care practitioner to know what’s right for you.’

Here is our view:

Vega One meal replacement shake and is a portable and convenient choice for an on-the-go meal which is an effective way to reduce some calories and lose weight.

The only concern you should have is to choose a meal replacement shake that is high in protein and low in sugar and artificial ingredients. Based on this criterion, Vega One is a good choice.

Remember that a diet that reduces your calorific intake will help you to slim down and reduce weight regardless of the sources of the calorie.

Several reviews and evidence support that the Vega protein shake is capable and useful from a weight loss point of view especially when two meals a day is substituted with the plant-based protein shake.

While there is no scientific study to support this yet, there is clear evidence this is true.

There is a 5-day plan which contains a range of meals especially vegan meals for perfect weight loss. For the result of Vega One weight loss, taking this protein nutritional shake promotes weight loss and people can lose an average of 2 to 3 pounds per week by consuming this nutritional shake in meal replacement plans.

Those who consume the Vega protein nutritional shake and exercise can lose about 5 to 7 pounds per week.

You need to note that this exercise doesn’t need to be rigorous and mustn’t be strength training before you could lose weight.

Vega One vs Vega Sports

If you want to compare Vega One Proteina and Vega Sports, see our comparison table below. This table is designed to help you make a quick decision.

Our decision table provides you with the best and brief information you need to decide which to buy. See below:


Vega One Protein, All-In-One Nutritional Shake

Vega One is the best protein powder for your active lifestyle.

It is everything you want (and nothing you don’t) all in one. It is a green protein powder and comes with 20g of protein.

It comes with 160g of calories, 6g of fibre, 50% DV of 12 vitamins and minerals, 1.5 g Omega-3 ALA and 1 billion CFU Bacillus Coagulans.

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Vega Sport Protein

Vega Sport Protein is your protein powder for your high performance. It is designed to help you build and repair muscles.

It is not a green protein and comes with 30g of protein content. It’s loaded with 150g of calories, 6g BCAAs and 1 billion CFU Bacillus Coagulans.

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Vegan One Protein and Greens

Just a brief on this version of Vega protein powders.

The Vega One Protein and Greens is a plant-based protein powder. It packs 20g of vegan protein from a multisource blend of pea protein, brown rice protein and sacha inchi protein.

The ingredients include organic alfalfa powder, spinach powder, broccoli powder and organic kale powder.

Vega One Protein and Greens

It comes with no added sugar. It is sweetened with Stevia, the company’s naturally calorie-free sweetener of choice. And because Stevia is not for everyone, you can also buy Stevia-free Plain Unsweetened(Previously Natural) flavour.

The Vega Protein and Greens is easy to blend or shake. You can add 20g of plant-based protein to your day. Do remember that Vega One and Greens can help you to upgrade your morning smoothie or provide you with a quick noon snack when you shake it with non-dairy milk or water.

Vega One Protein and Greens

The Vega One Protein and Greens is a keto-friendly protein powder. It is low a low carn as well. To make the best of this protein, add coconut oil to your smoothie or shake for a little extra fat. It is not medical food.

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Vega One Protein Comparison Table

[table id=12 /]

What’s The Best Vega One Protein Flavour? How Does It Taste?

Vega One has an amazing taste suitable for every type of user. You can try the meal replacement nutritional shake with a natural taste.

It comes in varying flavours which include vanilla, chai, berry and chocolate.

Below are the flavours associated with the protein shake: French Vanilla (Calories: 160), Chocolate (Calories: 170), Berry (Calories: 160), Natural (Calories: 160), Vanilla Chai (Calories: (170), Coconut Almond (Calories: 160) and Mocha (Calories: 160).

Vega One Recipes – Directions On How To Use Vega Nutritional Shake

Considering the texture and consistency of Vega One nutritional shake, it is smooth unlike many other shakes with grain-like texture and thick consistency.

The Vega protein shake is all-natural and not refined.

You will most likely get from the manufacturer of this meal replacement some tips and hints on how you can take better advantage of the plant-based diet.

This might be in the form of recipes suitable for all mealtimes. These could include breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert and smoothie recipes – Banoffee Smoothie from myvega.com below.

The easiest way to consume this protein-based protein nutrition shake is to mix it with water.

You need to vary your taste and the value you get from it by adding beverages such as juice, hemp milk, smoothie, healthy shake and still relish the gains of this protein shake.

Direction For Using Vega One

You can shake it up – simply mix one level scoop of Vega One all-in-one nutritional shake in a 1.5 cups (12 fl. oz.) of ice-cold water or non-dairy beverage.

In the same vein, you can blend it – mix one level scoop of Vega protein shake into your favourite smoothie recipe.

In fact, if you also desire, you can bake the shake by simply swapping the protein shake for 1/8 to 1/4 of the flour in sweet baking recipes.

Vega One Recipes – Apple Pie Smoothie

This balanced apple pie smoothie recipe is a great way to add sweetness to your day as you get a feel of this tasty protein boost. Incorporate this shake in as a mid-morning or afternoon snack.


  • 3 Tbsp Gluten-Free Oatmeal (Red Mill)
  • 1 apple chopped
  • ¼ tsp of nutmeg
  • 1½ tsp of cinnamon
  • ½ cup ice
  • 1 cup almond milk or coconut milk (beverage, not canned)
  • ½ – 1 serving Salted Caramel Vega Protein & Greens


  • Blend ingredients in a blender and enjoy!

Does Vega One Nutritional Shake Curb Hunger?

If it does curb hunger, how long could it curb hunger?

The above and aforementioned are questions bugging the minds of those who wish to start relishing its amazing taste and nutritional value.

The general result of our test was in line with several other results on how long this meal replacement can curb hunger.

We found that this product has the capacity to curb hunger within a minimum of 2 hours and a maximum of 4 hours. It has a natural appetite suppressant which is a crucial ingredient in meal replacement shakes.

Does Vega One Nutritional Shake Work?

This is the same question everyone asks. If you are having challenges getting the right answer to this question, you will have your curiosity satiated.

But, the first question you need to answer is what is your purpose for using this plant-based protein shake?

You need to know this – Vegan all-in-one nutritional shake has no capacity to peak your metabolism or enhance how your body processes calories and fat. These meal replacement shakes basically act as a fill-in for your meal portions.

This means that it helps you to do away with so many high-calorie meals you are used to and which makes it difficult to lose weight and build the desired shape you want.

If you are used to eating an unhealthy breakfast, you start replacing such a meal with the plant-based protein shake; let’s say two drinks for your breakfast and launch.

Keep in mind that you still need to eat a normal meal for dinner.

However, by cutting out two square meals per day, you are well on your way to eliminating a large chunk of the calorie you consume.

And by limiting these calories, you also reduce the amount of fat that can build your body.

This means you gradually start seeing a result of the pound you are eliminating from your meals. This is the best way it works to give you an amazing result.

But, those who are using it for other purposes have a way around it – you need to be sure of your purpose of consuming it.

Vega One Nutritional Shake Side Effects

There aren’t too many users noting the negative effects of this nutritional shake. Meanwhile, the possible side effects you may have after taking Vega One nutritional shake, according to some reviewers, may be bloating, stomach aches and digestive issues.

You must also remember that none of these claims has been verified by us.

What may boost your confidence in the product might be that it is soy-free, dairy-free, gluten-free and this might mean that bloating and digestive issues may have been kept at bay.

In the case of headaches, there is a general belief that the 240mg of Sodium in the Vanilla flavour – while others have only 20mg – could explain the reason some people might

Vega One Protein: Is It Worth The Price?

In a way of summarising this piece, there is no doubt that Vega One Protein, the all-in-one nutritional protein shake is a brand to reckon with – it lives up to its expectation.

It’s easy to serve as a meal replacement – whole food ingredients. It comes with an inner-vented seal characteristic of a hole.

With 20g of premium plant-based protein from pea, hemp, flax, etc for a complete amino acid profile plus 50 per cent daily intake of vitamins and minerals from broccoli, kale, spirulina, strawberries, etc you are sure of getting maximum value from your investment.

You also need to know that this plant-based protein shake is non-GMO Project-verified, vegan-verified, low-glycemic, gluten-free, dairy or soy-free.

It provides you with 25 per cent of daily fibre, 1.5 grams of omega-3 fatty acids, probiotics, and antioxidants. You can’t ask for more.

If you think this great protein shake is worth your investment, Click below to shop Amazon.

NOTE: Before you buy, note this – this product does not meet the FDA’s standards for a lowered fat product. This means that if your goal for using it includes the capacity to cut out fat from your diet, you may check out other low-fat products – We mean a product that has met the FDA’s fat standard. Beyond the aforementioned, we recommend Vega nutritional shake for you.

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Why is Vega One Green?

Vega One is green because it comes with a proud green colour. Because of its constituents such as organic broccoli, organic kale, organic spirulina, etc, the nutritional shake has a rich green hue.
No food colouring was added. One thing that may marvel you is that it might appear greener when you add more water. This explains that Spirulina is highly water-soluble and dissolves easily.

Is Vega One Organic?

Vega One is made with a variety of certified organic ingredients which may include maca root, acacia gum, broccoli, kale, spirulina, marine algae, pomegranate, goji and maca.

What are the Sources of Vega One Ingredients?

About 68 per cent of the ingredients used in the making of Vega One are grown and produced in North America, Europe and Japan. The company opted to source ingredients from native climates such as organic gelatinised maca root (Peru), Sacha inchi protein (Peru) and chlorella (Japan).

How much Caffeine has Mocha or Chocolate flavour in the plant-based protein product?

Chocolate and Mocha flavour of Vega protein offer caffeine from cocoa powder. The nutritional value of these plant-based ingredients – Chocolate is 11mg and Mocha is <25mg.

I don’t like Stevia Taste; Will I like the Taste of Vega One?

Stevia – a plant-based flavour with no calorie is added to Vega One because it’s a favourite sweetener. It has an amazing taste but even if you do not like the taste of Stevia, it comes in a different flavour to help make an informed choice of your best flavour – Gluten-free Power Protein Pancakes from myvega.com
Thus, if you do not like the Stevia taste, you can opt for an unsweetened natural flavour of Vega One nutritional shake or any other flavour of your choice.

Can Vega One Help Me Lose Weight?

Vega One plant-based protein shake is a nutrient-dense food and this means that you can use it as food.
You can take it on its own or with anything you desire especially with a tasty smoothie. You can also make pancakes or muffins or bake anything of your choice.
It is great because of its lovely taste with its offer of 20 grams plant-based protein, veggies and greens plus 6 grams of fibre in 170 calories or less (150 for natural flavour).
If your main interest is to lose weight, you may need to consult your doctor, even though with the right meal plan and exercise, you can lose some pounds.

How Many Servings Can You Find in a Tub of Vega One?

It has one scoop (but in the case of boxes and pouches, one single-serving pack). With the large tubs, you can get about 22 servings of natural flavour, 20 servings of Mocha, Coconut Almond, Berry, French Vanilla and Vanilla chai flavour plus 19 in chocolate flavour.
In the small tubs, you will get 11 servings in natural and 10 servings of Mocha, Coconut Almond, Berry, French Vanilla, Vanilla Chai and Chocolate.
All you need to note is that the servings will vary in a different flavour to achieve consistency in the filled weight.

I’m Allergic to the Nut; are there Other Nuts in Natural Flavour?

Vega One has no nut ingredient – it is produced nut-free. Safety is essential and basic to the producers of the Vega One nutritional shake.
Thus, the firm’s practices ensure that all allergen ingredients are stored away from non-allergen ingredients.
This is followed by strict sanitation to ensure that risks of contamination is removed or highly minimised.

Can I Drink More Than One Serving in a Day?

While you can relish Vega One as much as you desire, moderation is advised. Good things are best enjoyed in moderation. Vega One is a balanced diet, enjoy with moderation.

Is Vega One a Meal Replacement?

Majority of people often ask if Vegan One can be used as a meal replacement. You need to understand that Vegan One is food. This means that you can enjoy it any time of the day you wish, just as you would relish your normal food. You can eat it as snacks, meals or anything in-between. All you need to do is check Vegan One nutrition facts panel to make sure that it contains the amounts of macro and micronutrients you need for your meals.

Can I Mix Vega One With Milk?

You can mix Vega One with milk. You need to mix it with 1 ½ cups of water or almond milk (or really any unsweetened non-dairy beverage) with ice in your shaker cup on-the-go.

Are Vega One Shakes Good for You?

You wish to know if Vega One All-in-Nutritional Shake is good for you? You get enough dosage of your 50% of daily intake of nutrients varieties such as Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and a range of B-vitamins, etc. There’s some zinc, potassium, magnesium, biotin, and folate.

Why is Vega protein so expensive?

Vegab One all-in-one nutritional shake is a cholesterol-free, low-carb, low-calorie natural powerhouse of nutrition. Moreover, because of the extra benefits received by the vegan product is niche and essential. Therefore, Vegan One protein powder is more expensive than Whey Protein powder.

How does Vega One Compare to Shakeology?

The best way to compare Vega One to Shakeology is to look at the nutritional facts. In the light of this, Vega One contains a slightly larger amount of protein compared to Shakeology. Vega brand has 20g of protein per serving while Shakeology has 16g. It is only 3g, but they can still make a whole lot of big difference in the long run especially considering incremental benefits of protein. Considering Sugar, Shakeology has 9g of sugar per serving, while Vega One has only 1g. So, with this little comparison and considering your nutrient needs, you may either opt for Vegan one or Shakeology.

Vega One Protein Powder
Ingredient Quality
Blending power
Reader Rating0 Votes
Vegan and all-natural protein nutritional shake
Contains several probiotics and antioxidants
High in fiber and most vitamins
Whole food-based
Low calorie and remarkable value per serving
Variety of tasty flavours
Low in many important minerals
May contain allergens
Appear more expensive than other competitors

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